Zero Watt Ride

So I have friends who consider an eBike "cheating." If I were riding with others or in a race where I was the only one with a eBike... yeah that's cheating. I point out things such as some choose to buy a several thousand dollar carbon frame & the lightest components they can find, they spend hundreds on multi panel compression clothes to help wring the last watt out of a muscle, they define their gear in watts saved. I bought a motor, it doesn't save me watts it sells them to me at a very reasonable rate. Somehow the fact that we've taken 2 different routes to the same advantages makes me a cheat.

Well, I have touted the benefits of riding against the motor so yesterday I rode against the motor for enough of my ride that it was close to a zero watt ride... not a zero watt day. I rode somewhere near 10 miles on that particular ride & it was serious exercise.

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Comments (4)

  1. noahbody

    As you say…. you are in no competition so how is it cheating?

    August 31, 2016
    1. Munkyman

      It’s this idea that bicycles are supposed to be “pure” as if they didn’t spawn motorcycles & it wouldn’t be wise to spawn electric motorcycles from them in the exact same way instead of reverse engineering a motorcycle that’s been developed to deal with the rattle of a 2 cylinder engine & all the stresses that come with one. I’m not building bikes for bike enthusiasts unless their commute just keeps them from doing it by bike, then I’m aiming right at them. I’m aiming at people who need reliable affordable transportation, people who need assistance pedaling due to health issues & those who just wanna be Superman without the regimen of steroids or blood packing that usually goes along with fulfilling such desires.

      August 31, 2016
      1. noahbody

        You are just a bit ahead of the curve. The niche will develop in time.

        August 31, 2016
  2. brodieclare

    What is your mean by eBike cheating? I never heard about this slang term. Because, only letter of research paper writing services is associated with online or e-commerce websites. But, what e has to do with biking and all things about which you are talking about?

    May 23, 2017