Sound Waves to Create an Envelope

The #1 undeniable attraction of an electric vehicle from an aethetic perspective is it's quiet. They are generally spartan compared to other vehicles in their class & this is alos it's worst safety characteristic.


Horses clomp, engines roar & rev, turbines whine, locomotives chug, electric stuff wooshes you hear the air parting you might catch the whir of the motor but, it'll be too late for it to matter at 20mph or 45mph.


Sound, sound is a shockwave in the air it's an invisible force expanding from it's source in all available directions until it loses momentum & dissipates. The electric vehicle may benefit from it's need of some noise in more than one way, it may be that a sound wave projected out the nose could act as echo location for any form of autonomous vehicle & it could disrupt the wall of air in such a way as to have significant effect on aerodynamic efficiencies. A very low pitched zipper sound seems a good place to start & tying the volume to the speed seems wise as well. A shot gun microphone as a projecting speaker would make a decent prototype.

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Comments (5)

  1. 29A

    Interesting idea, but in order for a sound wave to effectively lessen air resistance, wouldn’t the vehicle have to be traveling nearly at the speed of sound?

    June 26, 2014
    1. Munkyman

      I think that would have more to do with frequency & force. waves in the sound range travel around the speed of sound but, as they dissipate they fall into lower ranges slower ranges & you can use a sound generator to generate both audible to move people, sub audible to disrupt the air more effectively & ultra sonic to image with.

      June 27, 2014
    2. Munkyman

      So a while back the show Myth Busters did a thing on would a car get better mileage if it were surfaced like a golf ball & the results were yes it would because of the micro turbulence the divots created helped the vehicle slip through with less resistance. I figure you use as many things as you can to insure that your vehicle get’s good mileage & doesn’t kite across the road in a good stiff side wind, My Jeep did that once & scared the bejezus out of me… my sphincter slammed so tight you could have cut a cigar with it.
      “Using a ‘force-field’ of high-frequency soundwaves, the proposed system can repel rain, snow and even insects, giving the clearest possible view and eliminating the need for wipers.”
      I’m rarely out in front of available technology with my ideas… I just can’t get to the assembly or the research on how some of my farther reaching ideas might work. I want a think tank & two big handfuls of engineers… as long as I’m wishing It took awhile to figure out something simple enough & functional enough that it was worth pursuing myself & thus I’ve decided to become a welder. So as I may craft the item I wish existed & I can see as if it were sitting there. The thing that might make me my 1st million because I can actually do it myself. That’s the problem with restaurants you have to rely on people who often aren’t reliable enough.

      June 27, 2014
    3. Munkyman

      At about 20 mph I effectively have outrun the sound from a 10dB speaker I use on my bike. At around 12-15 I find I still get to the people in front of me before they have had time to process the music as approaching them. 10dB isn’t much but that’s my point weak emanation of the right sound frequency may do the trick as far as disrupting the air in front of the vehicle, there’s a point at which it’d cost more energy than it’s worth & the risk of running into Newton’s law of opposite force, negating the achievable gains. But, if it saves a Kw/hour or more then Woot!

      June 27, 2014
  2. alanacolbourne

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    April 05, 2017