Gearing, Power & Hills

This week I've begun the final stage of deciding what I need to put on my EV tricycle, I'm still hung up on the motor while I think most of the other concerns are put to rest, they being primarily where things will fit on the bike. I had a motor picked that seemed like a good strong motor for bicycle/tricycle applications but, when I got to the math it spun way too fast for the simple chain transmission I want to use.

Above is a resource I recently found, while it doesn't have the tables or equations I had hoped to find it does have some tables that are reasonably easy to convert because I'm working with values about 10-15% of those the author uses. The above article is a great paper on the power concerns of an EV especially when applied to uphill motoring.

Thanks to the info found above I've decided that I need a motor that spins about 400 RPM at about 4000watts or a little less than 6hp. which should take my tricycle up a 20% grade at 25 mph.

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