AND So It Begins.

The above video is not me but, it is the motor I've chosen for my bike a Crystalyte 5303.

I have been studying the building of electric vehicles for about 2 years now. I'm not an electrician nor am I much of a mechanic so it's been a lot of study. Today the build has begun. I got my bike. The 1st step is testing it for speed & so I rode it to work today. Going took less than 35 min & coming home took less than 28 min, in a car it's about 20 min both ways, in a car I take a route thats about 9 miles but, on the bike my route is just over 7 miles. My max speed going was over 28 mph & my max speed returning was just over 26 mph. My average speed was 12 mph going & 15 mph returning. At a cadence of 60 rpm at the crank & with a gear ratio of 1:3.81 I can travel at 1556 feet per min, I can maintain a cadence of 60rpm at the crank for 30 min for an average speed of 17 mph. At more than 28 mph I was still engaged at the rear wheel for a cadence of over 95 which I can maintain for better than a min.

I still haven't selected a controller but, I'm leaning towards a Kelly regererative controller & it seems my 1st battery pack is going to be a 76v 20 Ah LiFePO4 pack, possibly from A123 systems.

Tonight I saved a little more than $4 in gas which paid for 1% of my bike.

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